• How Important Are Your Employees?

    Businesses tend to invest in marketing and advertising each month and overlook another vital investment that they are already making. Their employees is a vital investment. Employees can make or break a company, and here is a recently story of this.

    While on the phone with UPS trying to track down a shipment that had to be intercepted so that the package can be delivered sooner to the client. A woman who works at UPS took all the necessary steps to make it happen. Two hours had passed and no phone call was received saying where we could meet the driver to get the packages, calling UPS back. This time speaking to a gentleman who seemed to be new. He insisted on telling me all the reasons that this could not be done.

    Fortunately dealing with this situation before and knowing how to handled it.

    After a great deal of frustration and ending the call and calling back, this time speaking with another woman. This woman was one of the best customer service reps that I have ran into in a long time – she handled everything and went far above and beyond to fix the situation and make everything work. Before long, we got the packages and delivered it to the client.

    The attitude of the gentleman that was on the phone, unfortunately, seems to be the norm in customer service these days. UPS is in a fairly unique position due to their almost monopolistic position in the market, but most companies would quickly loose customers if they handled it this way.

    The attitude of the last woman that was spoken to was a completely different worker and actually solved the frustration on the situation. Even an amazing marketing campaign in the world will fall flat if the employees do not treat the customers right while the best employees can often multiply the effectiveness of an average marketing campaign.

    In order to get most value of the marketing dollars, having the employees properly trained on how to deal with customers and occasionally use “mystery customers” to test them.

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