• Hit The Jackpot With Customer Complaints

    Avoiding customer complaints is a powerful instinct, On one side it could be the best thing that happens to a business.

    Marketing research shows that 1 out of 50 unhappy customers take the time to complain. They are likely to let 11 of their friends know that they are unhappy about the business, they might not feel comfortable letting the company know about the issue they had.

    What happens to the 49 unhappy customers who don’t complain? Besides griping to 11 friends and family members, they will just change products or places of business.

    Complaining Customers Are A Bonus

    Forgetting about the fact that complaining customers aren’t always polite or fun to deal with. What’s really happening when they let the company know that it did not meet their expectations?

    1. They are giving the company an opportunity to fix the problem and keep them as customers.
    2. Letting the company in on problems that may have turned 49 other customers away.

    Encourage Complaints

    They are tools for growing a business. How easy is it for the customers to let the company know they are dissatisfied with the product or service? Make it easy by…

    1. Offering a toll-free complaint hotline.
    2. Make customer satisfaction surveys available.
    3. Send follow up postcards after the purchase.
    4. Make a place on the Website for customer complaints.

    The Unhappy Customer’s Options

    An unhappy customer can do one of four things:

    1. Keep silent
    2. File a lawsuit or report to an government agency
    3. Giving bad word-of-mouth advertising and reviews
    4. Complaining

    Remember the customers and clients know the businesses strengths and weaknesses much better than the employees and bosses! They have first-hand experience to make their judgment. When a customer takes the time to let the company know what needs to be improve than truly owing them a thank you is a must!

    Don’t forget… an unhappy customer can turn into a happy customer becomes a loyal, life-long customer. Customer complaints pay off in the long run.

    Need help on ways to fix customer complaints and make them a customer for life? Contact us!