• How Business Owners Hire Sales and Marketing Experts

    If you’re a business owner, you’re used to wearing many hats: CEO, CFO, HR person… While being a jack-of-all-trades is usually a positive, it can make for a longer workweek if you’re the only one pitching in, and you may not have time to do the legwork necessary to advertise your business and find new clients.

    So, what is a business owner to do? The answer is to hire workers outside of your company who will help you reach out to potential new customers. But how do you find the best workers for the job? DigiPanoramic has a few questions for you to answer first!

    What Makes a Good Sales and Marketing Professional?

    In today’s market, a sales and marketing professional should be adept at SEO and social media marketing, and be eager to drive marketing initiatives to increase your business, product, or brand visibility. They should research and identify your target customers or clients and develop a good rapport with them, so strong communication skills are key.

    The ideal candidate should be highly motivated and enjoy working as part of a team. Hiring a sales and marketing professional will free up your time spent looking for clients, and the right one will bring you, new customers, through innovative research strategies.

    Do You Need a Freelancer, a Contractor, or an Employee?

    If you own a small business, you might not need a sales and marketing professional on a full-time basis, and you might not be ready or equipped to hire full-time employees. If that’s the case, you may look at freelance professionals to work with you on an “on-call” or “per-project” basis.

    Hiring freelancers is less cumbersome for a business owner since you won’t need to set up employee payroll, shop for insurance plans to provide employee benefits packages, pay for vacation or sick days, etc. Freelancers pay their own income taxes and don’t receive benefits from the companies they work with; but they determine their own rates, so you’ll have to come up with a mutually agreed-upon compensation amount for their services, which can be either hourly or project-based.

    Just like freelancers, contractors are self-employed and responsible for handling their employee benefits and completing their tax returns. But contractors usually work on one project at a time with one client, rather than handling multiple projects simultaneously. If you need more permanent help with your projects, you may choose to hire a professional as an employee. Just remember you’ll be required to withhold taxes (e.g., income, social security, Medicare, etc.) from their paycheck and to provide benefits like health and disability insurance.

    What Are the Advantages of Forming an LLC?

    For small businesses, starting an LLC, or limited liability company is the most popular choice. Every state has its own set of rules for forming an LLC (see Florida’s here), but the advantages of an LLC is that it limits your own liability from business debts and lawsuits; less paperwork is involved, as an LLC has a less formal structure than a corporation; and last but not least, thanks to its pass-through business structure, you can choose and change the way your LLC is taxed (sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation). Some online tools and websites can help you start an LLC quickly and save you money on lawyer fees.

    Where Do You Find Sales and Marketing Experts?

    Lastly, you can find specialized sales experts and marketing professionals in your area by reaching out to your local chamber of commerce, or online via job search and employment websites. When perusing résumés, look for an SEM specialist with extensive experience in SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, data analytics, and optimization.

    If you’re just starting out as a business owner and you don’t quite have the capital to hire outside professionals to help you with your sales and marketing strategy, you can find many tips and solid advice online and become your own expert. In the digital world, marketing resources are at your fingertips!

    Don’t wait to get the ball rolling on your sales and marketing strategy. Think about what type of outside worker to hire, and consider establishing an LLC. Finally, utilize local and online resources to find qualified professionals for your team!

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  • Full Color To Use For Stunning Brochures

    When looking at a picture or object is there a feeling so engrossed in something so beautiful and breathe taking? This can come in many forms such as pictures or images of a person or a scenic spot that is just so difficult to take a person eyes off it. A reason to why most of these pictures become attractive is because of the colors. Yes, colors are the culprit. How does this related to business? Full color brochures can attracted reader into learning more about a business with the product or service. After all, who would like to read or see something that is not appealing to the eyes?

    Color is definitely the reason why most business opts for color printing in their promotional materials. Customers today are much more pickier in choosing the product or service that they avail of. That is why; if being a a business owner it may be the right choice to have that brochure colorfully represented.

    Especially those printed in full color, it leave a lasting image to the reader and if the brochures are interesting the customers are less likely to discard it. Because they are colorful and contain interesting images. Color brochures build name recognition and a image for the business with the product and services that is offered. Here is a question, isn’t full color expensive? Yes, full color can be quite expensive but knowing where to look for the print shops to do the printing can save a a considerable amount of money. Which is getting to the goal quicker – that is to make the customers interested in what is offered to them and will it be worth the cost of the product.

    Full color brochures can make a difference in a business. Just imagine how many sales can be make with just one brochure. And if This brochure is presented in different colors, readers will be encouraged to flip through the rest of the pages.

    Simply put, using full color brochures is important for two reasons: remembrance and memory. An average human’s retention rate is less than ten percent. This mean, make the brochure remember able while showing off the products and services that is offered. Printing the brochures in full color might be a good idea. They simply build up the image of the company and help the customer remember all of the information.

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  • Hidden Markets Were to Find them!

    Marketers are always looking for low-cost ways to boost sales volume and profits. it’s in their blood, part of who they are. They can’t resist the urge to find, explore, and invent another method to increase the value of their business and most of them know that there are hidden markets all around!

    How to find those hidden markets?

    How many hidden markets are perched right under a person nose? Taking a look at the customers that are present. Are there any groups that stick out? Here is another question does the advertisements and sales cater to any of these groups?

    If you notice one group of customers with certain needs, there are probably a bunch of customers out there with the same needs they are just not visible yet. Be sure to focus on the specialized needs of each group, and watch customers appear that were not even there!

    Marketers on the Web have a great opportunity to specialize for different groups of customers. Make sure to add a few minor changes to the original Web page and post a separate page for each targeted group, and individualized the business without a lot of effort. Adding a link to the home page, effectively created appeal for a wider audience without losing the effectiveness of the main market.

    How do You Adapt to Hidden Markets?

    First understanding the language of each segment of the clientele is useful. They might all be speaking English, however they have their own vocabulary and style that only an insider is privy to. Get inside the circle, it is the only way to really gain insight to their special needs.

    Insiders get the real scoop on things. When the customers see you as “one of us” you will be way ahead of the competition. Customers will have a loyalty toward you that the competitor will not be able to break through even with lower prices because they know who understands their needs!

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  • Internet Equal Easy Niche Marketing Success!

    Internet Marketing can come in different form such as finding and exploiting underused niche markets!

    After finding these niche markets, here is what must be done:

    1. Collect e-mail addresses.

    This will be the key to online niche businesses. When collecting e-mail addresses, not only to sell to niche prospects immediately, but sell to other products in this particular niche market over and over again.

    collect those e-mail!

    1. Provide the subscribers with great free articles.

    If chosen a niche market subject that not really know a great article can still come out of it. There are hundreds of article directories that provide free articles.

    Freelancing sites have articles written in any niche market which is a good place to start.

    1. Provide the subscribers with free niche reports.

    By now, loyalty e-mail subscribers are within the company niche, and it’s time to provide them a report.

    One of the easiest way to do this is to assemble a series of articles in the particular niche market and combine together into a niche report.

    Within this niche report, make sure to add many affiliate links to the products within the niche, along with links to the company main website. Also, be sure to allow subscribers who download the report to be able to give it away to others for free. This will create a very powerful viral marketing effect, and will drive a lot of traffic to the niche website and to the affiliate websites.

    1. Offer a product for sale within the niche market.

    Now it’s time to take this niche site to the next level. By now knowing a great deal of knowledge of this niche market products can be sold.

    Either write an eBook, or go to one of the many freelancer sites that have already created one. There are also some easy niche product creation solutions available on the Internet.

    The key is to create a lot of articles, a lot of reports, and a lot of products to sell in any niche market. Don’t worry, It is not as hard as it seems.

    expertise is not a requirement, it is finding an easy product that can fix a solution for a niche market.

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  • Branding Company 101 When To Hire Them

    Companies that have good product and has a hungry market for their product, is closer to success than 90% of the competition. To take that final step, some of the most successful companies in the world have hired a branding company to craft their company’s brand image into the sales and loyalty-generating machine it needs to be.

    How does these successful companies—take a pick from the Fortune 500—found branding companies? There is no one-stop resource or fail-safe formula. Finding one worth salt is exceedingly difficult.

    But when taking the brand to the next level, there’s no way around it. So, here are some things to remember when looking out there:

    1. Knowing needs and having an idea about how they can be met. This will give self-knowledge and better gauge of the work and branding agencies that will be encounter to determine if they really can deliver this promises of getting their needs.

    2. Be a fan, when admire the branding efforts of a certain company, call around and find out who did the work.

    3. Go with a referral, not a blind hire. Canvass the contacts. This is always better than hiring someone with no frame of common reference. If they left a favorable impression on one person, chances are it’s a trend, not an exception.

    4. Throw a few companies a bone & see what they do with it. Give them a general question or problem scenario. See how responsive they are and how much time it appears they put into crafting their response. This isn’t the same as asking for free or speculative work. Don’t do that. Rather, this should give a preview to how they think and their work ethic…and whether they would really value the business and do a good job.

    5. Money isn’t taboo. Once a company is found talk to them, discuss it from the outset. It’s better to agree on financial terms from the start than for either parties a precarious position somewhere down the line. This may start with a simple question, like: “What’s your budget?” or “What would you typically charge for this kind of work?” If they ask these question, give a number if there is one in mind, but don’t pull it out of nowhere. Be sure to calculate the costs involved with the kind of work that is need, and don’t expect them to give a discount just because of work that might be presented. When asking them, try to be specific. Ask about the cost to produce and the specific project in their portfolio.

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  • Target Audience Identify The Ideal With These 5 Tips

    Narrowing focus to one primary group of people is often difficult for small business owners. They want to help everyone — and very often their product or service can help a variety of people. This is were target audience come into play

    It goes against human nature to narrow a focus in order for a business to grow. Common sense tell us, in order to grow a business bigger, the appeal needs to be there. This is why understating a target audience is necessary for this growth!

    In reality the opposite is true. When narrowing the focus on a particular group of people we become knowledgeable in solving their particular problems. Including, knowing the customer very well and develop additional products or services to fill their needs.

    Here are 5 tips:

    1) Think about the target audience who can most benefit.

    2) Think about who would most enjoy helping, or working with.

    3) Think about the type of people who will be easiest to reach, and who will be most receptive to what is being sold. These will be people who know they have the problem that need to be solve and looking for a solution.

    4) Knowing that just because a select particular group of people focus on a market, does not mean that they can’t help others who may come to your company. It only means you’re going to focus proactive marketing efforts on the target group that is being important to you.

    5) Lastly, don’t over-think it. Listen to your gut, pick a group that feel that they can really help and proceed with the development of the marketing plan. Marketing is a fluid process. The important thing is to start. You can always refine your audience and the plans later as more knowledgeable is obtain.

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  • Photos Using Digital Stock Mean Sales For You

    The Image above represent one of these digital stock photos which can be found on the Internet!

    Photos Many images that are seen everyday in magazines, direct mail materials, and commercials are filled with digital stock photos. These photographs are those taken by professional photographers which are distributed to users for a fee.

    The photos are taken with digital cameras and can be easily modified and edited with different software like photoshop or similar program. These Images are used by advertisers who know that a good picture can translate into product sales. No one knows just why human beings respond so well to these pictures, but the effects have been proven.

    When using digital stock photos to sell a product or idea, finding the message will be strongly reinforced by the visual method of presentation. Additionally, business stock photos create a professional image for a business, which helps make sales even before talking to a potential buyer. This tool can help convey a unique characteristics and ideals as well.

    Picture can be worth a thousand words, and this is especially true for businesses that use these photos. Taking out space in a yellow-pages book or using a business card does not provide much information. Using stock images in the ads will help make an impact by representing the business visually and letting consumers know about it with just a quick look.

    Using digital stock photos to advertise the services or products guarantees that the customers get a real sense of what they can expect from the business. Using these kinds of pictures for special event can be beneficial because there is nothing more influence then imaging a human beings with a great photograph.

    To create a stock photos, it is highly recomended to research and take digital photography class to help learn the basics of this and even doing online research to help increase this knowledge. Digital cameras and photo editing software is needed. Luckily, a lot of information can be founded online about these products.

    Before shopping for a digital camera, make sure to research the model that does everything that the job requires. Look for the cameras that provides great photos and easy docking options that let you download the priceless photos to a printer or computer.

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  • Integrating Corporate Identity Standard

    Integrating corporate identity and brand building are considered as businesses bottom line of marketing. These are the best means of integrating the corporate identity standard, strategies, and marketing tactics that will strengthen the brand name. This can be done through advertising, promotion, PR, and through research development.

    Identity standard has immensely paved to bring distinct character feature that makes a business recognizable. Applications of logos are the best way out of it. Logos are simple yet effective way of branding a company. Its feature and characteristics can create a big impact.

    Taking part with the corporate identity standard, is the professional way of bringing the best out of a company. It signifies a simple yet powerful identity. Simplicity is among the most common thing in all packages. Corporate identity branding, the paper, quality printing services, and professional web developers has used these products for their corporate identity branding. A quality paper for the print ads may be expensive, This may signify the quality of the corporate and acquiring a better bussiness image identity.

    When making a good design to a brand identity opt to choose the appropriate colors and backgrounds that will suit the corporate identity. Including, appropriate font size, and originality should be even in order to identity that is good for the company. Due to the high competition in the market it is vital to come up with identity that the customers will remember.

    Primarily with the immense services that is available today, more companies can help out with an effective corporate identity that will make them one step ahead. Valuable tools entail, resources and information that a company can build valuable corporate identities. Incorporating identity standard will help a businesses understand the principal thinking of the core components of the identity system. Understanding the standard procedures and implications applied to it will give the ability for greater opportunities of achieving the goals.

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  • How To Impress Your Customers With Greeting Cards

    To created a relationship with the customer greeting cards can do this object!

    In business, every contact dealt with a customer is an opportunity for expanding and growing the relationship. Phone calls are nice but sending a business greeting cards means that effort and consideration was put into the relationship. Company can send these cards as a reminder for an event, upcoming meeting or a simple thank you note. Depending on the business it can have a highly competitive market that exist, which having a rapport with the customers is already ahead of the competition.

    There are a lot of reasons why greeting cards are being sent. Attract new customers, enhance a current business relationship, and show appreciation to those who have faithfully supported a business during the year. It is essential though to carefully design the card as well-meaning as possible. If not done properly it can actually offend the recipient. Poor design can also mean a lot of things to the people that need to be impress. The recipient can take it as a sign that the business is failing or not giving properly attention that they deserve.

    To avoid any trouble in getting the list of the persons that the card will be sent to, update the list of names and addresses from time to time. As new contacts are gain take time to add them in the contact list. This way it won’t have a hard time addressing the greeting card or embarrass the business by sending the card to the wrong person.

    Signing each card personally and handwrite the address is much more personal. This sound like a lot work but if the business and the customers are worth it, the extra effort will pay off. Remember that this is a chance to connect with the customers on a personal level. Don’t use computer generated labels as they may seem impersonal and make the greeting look like mail spam.

    When sending the card in time for a special occasion or holiday, make sure to mail them ahead of time to arrive on the dot. One way to avoid the last minute greeting rush is to have all the envelopes addressed a few days before actually sending them out. Create an effort to create a stunning and pleasing greeting card to make the recipients feel that they are valued and appreciated.

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  • How Do You Market Your Business? Promotional products

    In a conducted study, 76.1% of respondents can recollect the advertiser’s name through the promotional items that the latter have received from the advertiser. Most of the respondents also said that they are keeping the promotional items because they are useful.

    Promotional products are efficient tools to market a products or services. They remind people of a business. Its contents include the business name, addresses, phone or fax numbers, e-mails, and other important information. When a upcoming new products or fresh service is planning to have a trade show, it is better to have it publicized. target market have no way of buying it when they are not aware of it.

    Promotional products include mugs, logos, t-shirts, pens, key chains, etc. Most of them can be used everyday. Thus, the more people use it, the more popular the business become. Promotional products also include brochures, catalogs, stickers, newsletters, business cards, postcards, and more. They are printed using color printing techniques. However, the most used technique is online printing four color printing. This is because it gives quality, crisp and eye-catching results that will surely capture the eyes in the target market. Aside from that, it also offers fast turnaround. Thus, if one is in a hurry, printers can rush without sacrificing the quality of the promotional products. This is already marketing the business just by handing these out.

    Promotional Products give a business the cutting edge. They extend a business facility without doing too much effort. The more they use or show the promotional products to the public, the more a business creates dramatic results.

    Moreover, the best way to guarantee business success is to see that the products are of a state-of-the-art quality and that they are being marketed by promotional products.

    businesses are seeking aid from these versatile products. They are useful, productive, and indispensable to the success of a company.

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