• Is Database Marketing A Good Thing?

    Database marketing is an important field. It allows a business to take advantage of names of individuals who may be interested in their products. These databases of people are often some of the best potential customers out there because of the purchases or shown interest in the products and services that is being provided. On the other spectrum not everyone likes these options and likes database marketing.

    Database marketing is information which compiled people from their previous histories. An example is, people who fill out such forms as charity forms, subscription forms, credit card inquiries, and free products have their names and information gathered. This database of information helps companies figure out what other potential product they may be interested in. Their names, addresses and other information are gathered and stored in a database that then will be sold to others company.

    What makes database marketing so keen is that it provides people with advertising and promotional information that has their name on it. This helps to strengthen advertising opportunities, giving individuals the belief that the product was picked for them. It is an excellent way to stay profitable because it connect with customers that have already shown an interest in the product.

    Those against this marketing claim that there is a need for protection from junk mail and spam that it is a violation of privacy to have individuals send them this advertising. Companies who use this marketing feel that it is something that people want and even have requested. It is a great way for people to connect businesses and services to the customers who want them.

    Whether taking advantage of these opportunities or not is really up to the company. Many businesses find it to be an excellent way to reach solid customers base. Because the information provided is not sensitive information, many people find no reason to not be in database systems.

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  • Good Service With 3 Guaranteed Tactics

    Customer satisfaction isn’t one single act, it is a group of actions that work together to make the experience a pleasant and satisfying one. Imagine eating at a restaurant where the food was wonderful, however the service was slow and unprofessional. Somebody was doing a good job, but the overall experience wasn’t up to par. There are three areas of service that work together to impress customers. Provide good service in these three areas, and they’ll be back… time and time again.

    1. Instant Response
      People just don’t like to wait. When they walk out the door, they want to have the product at their fingertips. They may have taken weeks to decide on the purchase, and once the decision has been made, they want it NOW.

    The best way to make customers happy is to make the product available at the point of sale, not all businesses are able to do that. Internet marketers obviously cannot provide immediate service, they can be sure to keep deliveries on time and to an absolute minimum!

    1. Make Buying Simple
      Keep the buying process as simple as possible! Customers are just like the employees, they hate paperwork. Clicking on 20 different screens translates as paperwork. Which is annoying, time consuming, and a turn off.

    Use the “easy as 1, 2, 3” idea as a selling point in the advertising campaign. Busy and tired customers take notice, and it will have results!

    1. Give Customers Personal Attention
      Good listeners are hard to come by. The world is full of people trying to sell something, or trying to persuade people to their viewpoint. Want to make an impact? Learn to listen to the customers!

    Make it easy to ask questions. It is time consuming and not much time to spare. Listening, and finding lots of questions repeated over and over again. To create a frequently asked question form, with these questions answer a lot of consumer questions can be answered without sacrificing as much of the business and employees time.

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  • Hit The Jackpot With Customer Complaints

    Avoiding customer complaints is a powerful instinct, On one side it could be the best thing that happens to a business.

    Marketing research shows that 1 out of 50 unhappy customers take the time to complain. They are likely to let 11 of their friends know that they are unhappy about the business, they might not feel comfortable letting the company know about the issue they had.

    What happens to the 49 unhappy customers who don’t complain? Besides griping to 11 friends and family members, they will just change products or places of business.

    Complaining Customers Are A Bonus

    Forgetting about the fact that complaining customers aren’t always polite or fun to deal with. What’s really happening when they let the company know that it did not meet their expectations?

    1. They are giving the company an opportunity to fix the problem and keep them as customers.
    2. Letting the company in on problems that may have turned 49 other customers away.

    Encourage Complaints

    They are tools for growing a business. How easy is it for the customers to let the company know they are dissatisfied with the product or service? Make it easy by…

    1. Offering a toll-free complaint hotline.
    2. Make customer satisfaction surveys available.
    3. Send follow up postcards after the purchase.
    4. Make a place on the Website for customer complaints.

    The Unhappy Customer’s Options

    An unhappy customer can do one of four things:

    1. Keep silent
    2. File a lawsuit or report to an government agency
    3. Giving bad word-of-mouth advertising and reviews
    4. Complaining

    Remember the customers and clients know the businesses strengths and weaknesses much better than the employees and bosses! They have first-hand experience to make their judgment. When a customer takes the time to let the company know what needs to be improve than truly owing them a thank you is a must!

    Don’t forget… an unhappy customer can turn into a happy customer becomes a loyal, life-long customer. Customer complaints pay off in the long run.

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  • How Important Are Your Employees?

    Businesses tend to invest in marketing and advertising each month and overlook another vital investment that they are already making. Their employees is a vital investment. Employees can make or break a company, and here is a recently story of this.

    While on the phone with UPS trying to track down a shipment that had to be intercepted so that the package can be delivered sooner to the client. A woman who works at UPS took all the necessary steps to make it happen. Two hours had passed and no phone call was received saying where we could meet the driver to get the packages, calling UPS back. This time speaking to a gentleman who seemed to be new. He insisted on telling me all the reasons that this could not be done.

    Fortunately dealing with this situation before and knowing how to handled it.

    After a great deal of frustration and ending the call and calling back, this time speaking with another woman. This woman was one of the best customer service reps that I have ran into in a long time – she handled everything and went far above and beyond to fix the situation and make everything work. Before long, we got the packages and delivered it to the client.

    The attitude of the gentleman that was on the phone, unfortunately, seems to be the norm in customer service these days. UPS is in a fairly unique position due to their almost monopolistic position in the market, but most companies would quickly loose customers if they handled it this way.

    The attitude of the last woman that was spoken to was a completely different worker and actually solved the frustration on the situation. Even an amazing marketing campaign in the world will fall flat if the employees do not treat the customers right while the best employees can often multiply the effectiveness of an average marketing campaign.

    In order to get most value of the marketing dollars, having the employees properly trained on how to deal with customers and occasionally use “mystery customers” to test them.

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  • Understanding MLM Recruiting and the Benefits

    There are several things a person can do to become successful in network marketing, none however compare to the benefits receive from MLM recruiting.

    A majority of the time should be spent on recruiting and building a business because in the end, everyone wants to be rich. The further build the business is the higher your income is going to be. This brings up questions about recruiting and what are the magical secrets to success in multilevel marketing? Let’s find out.

    The first part to MLM recruiting is believing in yourself and the product that is being promoting. believing that the product is the best out there and that it is going to benefit everyone that becomes associated with it. When promoting the product with great knowledge and passion then other people will be curious as to why it is truly as good as the promotion make it out to be. Now the person’s has attention to the product.

    Getting people to the company website is the key to advertising. Everyone nowadays has internet access and the capability of seeing the information at THEIR convenience. When advertising online, always cross-market by advertising the website, email, and phone number. This gives people multiple ways to contact the business which can enhance the chances of building a strong network marketing downline.

    Communication is a good rule to follow as people will perceive the product quicker. With network marketing, don’t be surprise to recruit in various ways from telephone, email, letter and more. Fumbling with words to explain the benefits of the product will lead to people questioning sellers knowledge of the product. knowing the ins and outs of the product is a must and being prepared for any question that may come up.

    Building a personal relationship will help in multilevel marketing. Know that everyone that is encountered deals with a life and hobbies outside of network marketing themselves. Taking time to get to know them a little better and they will begin to trust and be more inclined to buy into the product that being sold. Asking them about family, hobbies, interests, career goals and more can be a good ice breaker.

    Persistency is the key to success in network marketing and will help in the recruiting process. Be consistent to follow up on every email that is received, keep the personal relationship in tact. Offer something of value to them such as new ezines that they can subscribe for free. Keep them interested on an ongoing basis until they finally decide it is worth buying into.

    MLM recruiting is all about persistency and consistency. If the person sees the dedication and the relationship being built, this will result in a large downline in no time. If you can show people that they are worth while, then they will be more inclined to listen and this will lead to a successful MLM recruitment.

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  • Doing Business Online With Real Estate

    Working business online—regardless of what industry is chosen has a few perks in this line of work. One advantage is enjoying a round-the-clock business without supervising it simultaneously. Generating responses in real-time and creating an effective database from where you can store the crucial information in the business are other perks that part of working online. This leads to real estate being best choice when doing business online.

    Real estate, like many other enterprises, relies heavily on the leads to which it can market its product. This industry has taken great advantage of the virtual realm of the Internet More than any other business enterprise.

    Many arduous tasks usually performed by real estate agents have been facilitated or taken over by the Internet. This does not mean it is a bad thing.

    through the internet a beneficial benefit comes out of this by the means of virtual tours of the properties. The real estate industry is the fact that instead of having clients visiting open house shows or model units, they may opt to view the real estate in the comfort of their own home.

    This is done through virtual tours of any property in this industry. These tours can be advanced enough to integrate full navigation of a virtual counterpart of the unit or property that is trying to be sold.

    Given that the client has complete access to information instead of providing it in person, how then can you make sure that you can still get leads out of these virtual tours?

    Maximize the potential of the Internet and make sure that while they are clicking away in their virtual real estate tour, they provide further information through which you can get in touch with them or send them other information about the venture.

    One option is to tie up your content with the information you need. This means that for them to be able to view your real estate video or take a virtual tour, they will have to provide you with an email address or sign up for your newsletter.

    This way, keeping track of who is taking the virtual tours, and moreover, keeping those who seem interested by providing supplementary materials right to their inboxes.

    After the virtual tour, creating a page designed especially for online referrals is a good idea to follow. Don’t hesitate to ask the visitor to enter the email addresses of friends should he or she be impressed with the virtual tour. Send these referred email addresses links to your website and to the virtual tour, and this will result in an increasing exponentially.

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  • Tips On Finding Work At Home As A Telemarketer

    People have been fooled by the latest work at home hype that is popular today. Telemarketer, Letter stuffers, medical transcription, online pyramids, surveys, and even eBay stores may all sound promising. Many times this hope is let down.

    Working from home as a telemarketer has a problem. Workers might discover that there just like the others telemarketer jobs which offers a lot of promises that are nothing more than cheap scams. This can be very disheartening when trying to start a new career.

    This brings a question to the table in which if there are any legitimate work at home telemarketing jobs out there?

    Spoiler alert there is! Right now there are many telemarketers making a substantial amount of money by working right out of their own home. One major con is that these careers can take a lot of work to find. Don’t get blind by the hype.

    One misconception that most people fail to realize is that there are millions of telemarketers making a great deal of money in the comfort of their own home, this is false. While the industry is starting to really take off, there are not as many workers in this field yet.

    Online scams are the biggest threat to those who want to work in this field. Since many online sources do not offer legitimate jobs, if you really have a strong mind set to work at home as a telemarketer you are going to have to do some serious homework.

    Before you get started that though many work at home scams may try to convince you that little or no experience, as well as very little skills are required, this is not true. You will not be able to just start a career up in this field by reading an e-book in one hour.

    Having good communications skills is essential just like you would in a regular call center, being knowledgeable about any services or products your company carries is a must. One more tip that must be mention is being knowledgeable enough to perform customer service duties, take orders, make sales, and must able to run any software associated to the job.

    After following these tips and doing the homework it’s time finding a legitimate telemarketing job, remember stay realistic. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Do not limit your search to just the internet. Try calling legitimate call centers to see if they offer or know of any work at home positions. Ask around locally to see if anyone knows of any leads you can follow.

    Remember, real telemarketing positions are out there! Don’t let all the scams get you down. With hard work, luck, and a little help you will be on your way.

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  • Using Scratch Cards To Effectively Market Your Business.

    Would you like to attract more customers to your business? Scratch cards are a profitable and cost-effective way to market your business. Trying a scratch and win promotion for your company can help your company marketing to be effective.

    Scratch and win cards are the best and most cost effective way to promote your business. Customers are always looking for an extra value in their purchases. A scratch card promotion will give your prospects the chance of winning something – in turn, your business itself will be a winner.

    Scratch and win cards are perfect for promoting a new or existing product in order to increase excitement and traffic for your business. By using the scratch and win method through a direct mail promotion, you can give your customers an opportunity to earn a percentage of savings off their first purchase.

    A scratch card employee incentive program will increase employee production and boost employee morale. By giving everyone the opportunity to win prizes, scratch and win cards generate enthusiasm among employees within your company.

    Through the use of scratch and win cards, your company can also attract potential customers who want to learn more about your products and create your very own database of prospects.

    Your company can generate its own creative edge against competitors, rather than typical advertising. Scratch and win fundraising is a low cost, highly effective opportunity for your company to utilize, and a creative way to market your business . The production rate of your business will greatly increase as a result of a scratch card fundraising program.

    In a nutshell, a scratch and win promotion will create excitement, promote growth, and a increase sales!

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  • Differentiate or Die – 3 Keys to Eclipse Your Competition

    Quite frankly there are very few ways to really differentiate yourself from your competition. You make a great product, so do they. You provide top-notch customer service, they do too. Worse yet, there’s probably a competitor out there that already plays a bigger and better game than you. So what can you do about it? Well, here are 3 keys you can start applying immediately to differentiate and separate yourself from the pack:

    1. Positioning. Let’s face it. People want to be associated with and buy from those they believe are the best. Back in the early computer days, there was a saying that nobody ever got fired for buying an IBM. IBM was believed by most to be the best personal computer available. Were they? Maybe. However, they were the perceived expert. Gaining this credibility in your field without a doubt tilts the scales in your favor. This is one of the greatest ways to magnetize your business and lead you on a path to create raving fans.
    2. Relationship Building. Consistently stay in tune with and in front of your desired audience – not hard selling, but relationship building. When you truly and genuinely have their best interest at heart and believe me, they can sense it, you lay the foundation for an insurmountable bond to be formed between you. Remember, people buy from people, not, companies.
    3. The 180° Marketing Method™. The crux of this methodology is simply to look at what your competition is doing and do something else. Dare to be different. The best way to successfully pull this off is to look into other industries and pioneer their successful marketing ideas and techniques in your industry. I hate to be the one to tell you but, most marketing ideas and techniques have already been done somewhere by someone. So why try to reinvent the wheel. I’m not saying plagiarize here. I’m simply saying learn from the success others have had before you – especially by leveraging ideas and techniques that are new to your industry.

    There’s a great quote floating around that’s attributed to both Zig Ziglar and Dr. Kenneth McFarland that goes something like this: “There are no traffic jams when you go the extra mile.” Applying these 3 keys will definitely get you traveling along that extra mile.

    So while most businesses are out there like lemmings playing follow-the-follower, I challenge you to step it up and dare to be different. Be a leader and go it alone on the road less traveled and I guarantee people will stop and take notice.

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