• Establishing A Customer Loyalty Program

    Customer loyalty programs is not a new concept, as companies nowadays are coming up with various programs to ensure bigger profits for their companies. This idea of a loyalty program might feel worn already but people, no matter how wealthy they are, actually enjoy getting freebies every now and then.

    1. The Concept

    The concept behind this customer loyalty program is a rewards-based system that, the customer will have fun spending more on your company due to the company’s promise that the bigger points a loyal customer receives from their purchases the greater the rewards that they will soon get from the company. From having free expensive designer items to even an all-expenses paid grand vacation trip courtesy of the company. The point is, a small amount to pay considering the years of loyal purchases that these customers have brought into your company.

    This all sounds good on paper, but a truly excellent loyalty program doesn’t just to pamper the customers, it entices them to continue patronizing your business and even telling their friends about it. By offering your business some invaluable word-of-mouth advertisement.

    1. Rebate Programs

    A less fancy loyalty programs is the rebate program. This is wherein the customer will be able to get a percentage back from the amount of their purchases as coupons that they can use to pay for more stuff from your company. It is a simpler customer loyalty program.

    Not only will it be easier on your company’s pocketbooks, it will give your business some added profits because through the rebate program as your customers will, end up spending more money on your company because the coupons cannot be exchanged for real currency or used anywhere else.

    1. Loyal = Profitable?

    A lot of people still view being able to provide your loyal customers with great service does not automatically ensure a company that their customers will stay. This is why there is a great need for an effective (but still profit-oriented) customer loyalty program.

    A great customer service can result in a customer making a purchase more than once, a well-designed customer loyalty program will ensure they wouldn’t even ever dream of going to your competitors, and would even recommend friends to use your services.

    1. The Biggest Concern

    The biggest concern that most CEO’s have is thus: a strong customer loyalty program can keep customers that are already loyal, but what about the next generation of shoppers? An ill-planned loyalty program, built with little to no data about your existing loyal customers, will be doomed to fail.

    To prevent the loyalty program from failing, finding ways to collect this incredibly important data months in advance of launching your program, Invest heavily in a statistics specialist, and ensure he has the latest statistics software such as SPSS.

    Remember, even with an abundance of data, it will be completely useless if it dose not make sense. One more issuse that might arise would be having data that wasn’t collected scientifically to be an accurate representation of the population being sampled.

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  • The Roles of Customer-Focus Teams

    Companies have adopted customer-focused teams. The teams are responsive to customer needs, customer satisfaction, developing customer relationships, and flattening the management structure. These are cross-functional, customer-focused teams that exist to provide customers a ‘one-stop shopping service. In this article, I will share with you the roles of customer-focus teams.

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  • The Short Run Printing And Print On Demand Usage

    Knowing the difference between short run printing and print on demand is a key point to be able to understand comprehensively these two printing services. Short run printing and print on demand are somewhat alike, in terms of process perhaps. However, these two has their own dissimilarities.

    By definition, short run is an industry term used to describe replication or duplication in small quantities, usually from 1-500 copies. Short run printing allows you to print smaller quantities. These can print as few as 500 copies of whatever you need printing, whether it be color post cards, posters, or flyers. Short run printing also means that you can get your printing needs returned to you faster.

    And print on demand is a latest technology that uses digital printing techniques to produce standard prints in a rapid and cost-effective process.

    In regards to their dissimilarities, print on demand, this is the making of one copy at a time through a diversity of manufacturing methods and short run production, which produces very small amount, mostly used for course adoption and small book-trade orders.

    Print on demand is a fairly new adaptation of the short run printing technologies that most of printing companies utilizes to produce high quality short run print. However, there are quite a few differences between short run printing and print on demand printing.

    Here are 4 key differences between print on demand and short run print.

    1. Print on demand give you standard templates while short run printing dose not!

    Print on demand printing typically gives you a choice of standard templates and offer very little custom design and little-to-no thought for your printing project. Short run printing does not offer standard templates.

    1. Print on demand offer little to no size and customization when creating a book. Short run printing allows for these features

    Most of print on demand printing service produces books sized to 5.5″x8.5″ with no exceptions, thin volume books; they cannot have print on the spine. Very few print on demand service can produce a book with an integrated graphical hardback case-made cover. Short run printing does not require a standard size. Since short run printing can customize the design each book, short run printing can also produces books that are unique and stand out.

    1. Print on demand is useful for Hardback books. Short run printing can create different types and styles of books.

    Print on demand printing typically only creates trade hardback books. Short run printing produce completely custom, library edition Oversewn or Smyth sewn hardback books that will last for generations.

    1. Publishing your work is easier when using Short run printing compared to Print on demand.

    Print on demand printing publish your work on an “as is” basis and leave everything up to you. Short run printing can handle the entire publishing process for you.

    No matter how many dissimilarities these two may have they both end up in a the same method, these two uses similar digital printing processes.

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