Five Ways To Attract Attention At Your Next Exhibition

Attending an exhibition is one of the best ways to get in front of thousands of potential clients in one go. The internet might be accessible by people around the world, an exhibition is only attended by people who are interested in a business sector and it’s an ideal opportunity to make the company presence known.

  1. Choosing space well

Don’t leave it too late, all the best stand space has already gone. Book early and so the best spots are available – directly opposite the entrance; unmissable from the bar or café; a corner stand or a stand at the top of the stairs. These are all great places for the company to be at, so the earlier that a company books, the better chances of them getting a top spot.

  1. Think about design

A stand needs to be eye-catching, so think about what distinguishes the stand from the opposition and use it to attract attention. Bright colors to unusual photography work really well. There are lots of ways to stand out from the crowd. Enlist the help of the business designers to make sure that this happens.

  1. Clever marketing

Exhibitions are full of giveaways and it’s know that most of it goes in the bin when delegates get back to their hotel rooms. Be creative with the marketing. Consumer-led companies can give away vouchers, whilst others need to look for gifts that add value or have immediate use. Putting the company brand on water bottles, blister plasters or face wipes – anything that’s going to attract the attention of a hassled executive.

  1. Get the displays right

Stands that are crowded with leaflets or where information isn’t readily available are often by-passed. Delegates don’t always want to speak to the company, rather they might want to take the literature and they shouldn’t have to fight their way to the back of the stand to get it. Use a variety of display systems for products and literature to entice people onto the stand rather than shy away from it.

  1. Smile

surprisingly stands are by-passed because the stand staff are eating, drinking, smoking, and even looking downright unapproachable. It’s amazing the difference that a smiling, welcoming face can make – the difference between netting a big client and getting nothing at all.

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