• Increase your traffic through articles by 300%!

    Many people are submitting articles to article directories, which is a great way to gain traffic. None of them realize that there is a way to really optimize the results of writing articles.

    When submitting articles, if the full article is pasted, there are two problems with this:

    1) Provoking the reader to visit the site will decreases.
    2) Google may read it as a supplement if the article is posted on a company blog/site.


    1) When reader finishes reading the articles, and their satisfied, what would their normal behavior be, clicking on the webbsite address or visit other articles to learn even more. It would be visiting other articles, however you don’t want that to happen. So there is a way to solve this. When posting articles, only post the first half of the article directories and the full article on the site or blog. What would happen now is, if the article was well composed and the reader is interested, then they would gladly visit the blog or site to continue to read. It is a great way to make the readers happy and want them to go on your site.

    2) As many people do, they submit their articles to directories and also post them on their site/blog. Now what happens, Google greatly dislikes copied information. They call it a supplement, and if the articles on the directories gets indexed by Google, then the page on the blog or site will not be indexed by Google if the submission of the full article on to the directories is onto the site or blog. Just submit half the article on the directories and the full article on the site or blog that is being used.

    Let’s say the article is teaching the reader something or exposing something that can greatly benefit them. Knowing when to exploit it is a must, so the readers can go on the site. On the first half of the article that will be submit to the directories, go over the points on what can be offered and how it can benefit the readers, keep teasing the reader on what they could find out from reading the article, by this point the readers should be jumping off the walls waiting to for the article finally to tell them the whole thing. Don’t finishes the article yet, just add a little nice message saying that the full version of this article can be found at www.xxxx.com/ (Your website) most likely they will click on the web address.

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  • Earn Cash By Reading Internet Marketing Articles

    Technology and the internet has made it easy for anyone to succeed online. Unfortunately people don’t know how to take advantage of all the free tools on the internet that are available. One underrated tool to use on the internet would be reading internet marketing articles to improve a business which can result into more profits.

    An example of this would be reading an article about how to post articles to free repositories. Doing some searches on Google to find articles on the best repositories. And searching for articles on the best automatic submission software. These are some tips to use when using the internet to improve a business that is trying to use internet marketing. One advantage of doing a search for an article or using automated software to submit articles to hundred of directories, results in leveraging new technology to promote an online business.

    The internet, search technology, and all the different software that is out there is growing and improving everyday! It is now mainstream during this lifetime and it will continue to improve in the future. Not using this technology to find articles and free tools would be a waste.

    As it will improve your internet marketing business. That being said people are already taking this technology for granted.

    One rule to follow is to research everything through different search engine such as Google. Reading articles on the internet on can result in knowledge being obtain. After reading different articles and doing a search on Google from the information can lead to free article submission software. Again it is a great free tool that to promote a business.

    Marketing and promoting a business does not take a lot of money. Take advantage of all of the free articles and tools to promote your business. looking hard enough and reading all the free niches articles and take advantage by doing a search on everything, can result in reaping the financial rewards that can be possable. It has amazing results!

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    When you go to these sites you will see so many articles on niche topics you won’t know where to start. Taking advantage of it is the key.

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